All products will be sold for research purposes only, custom made and functionalized for your application.

Functionalization of these VHHs in order to generate high-end imaging agents can include directional conjugation to IRDye800CW (LI-COR), Hilyte dyes (Eurogentec), biotin and chelators like NOTA, and DOTA.

Contact for more information on the possibilities of developing a high quality imaging agent for your molecule of interest.

TargetProduct Codes Suitable ApplicationsReferences 
Rabbit anti VHH QE19VHH detection in ELISA, WB, IHC, IF, FCPronk et al. (2021)van Lith et al. (2022)


Detection, ligand competition, imaging 
Song et al. (2021)

Kleist et al. (2022)
B7-H3Q92c Detection  
BMP24Q36c Noggin replacer Calpe et al. (2015) Calpe et al. (2016)
BMP4Q35c Detection, scavenging inhibition of BMPR1 bindingCalpe et al. (2015) Calpe et al. (2016)
CAIXQ29c Detection, imaging van Brussel et al. (2016)Kijanka et al. (2016)
CandidalysinQ99cQ100cDetection, imaging, neutralizationMogavero et al. (2021)
C5Q101cQ102cDetection, inhibition Struijf et al. (2023)
CD80Q98c Detection, imaging 
CD163Q68c Detection, imaging 
CXCR4Q84cQ85cDetection, ligand competition, imaging van Hout et al. (2018) 
DC-SIGNQ51c Detection, imaging  
EGFRQ44cQ86cDetection, ligand competition, imaging  Hofman et al. (2008) 
EpCAMQ66c Detection  
Fc-domainQ96c Detection, capturing  
FibrinogenQ113ELISA, FC
Glycoprotein 1b alphaQ114ELISA, FC, inhibition
Glycoprotein VIQ115Q116ELISA, FC, inhibition
HER2Q17c Detection, imaging Kijanka et al. (2013)Kijanka et al. (2016)
HIV gp120Q1cQ9cDetection, neutralization  McCoy et al. (2012)Strokappe et al. (2012)
HIV gp41Q8cQ54cDetection, neutralization   Lutje Hulsik et al. (2013) 
HIV p24Q76cQ76BcDetectionGray E.R. et al. (2017) 
IRDye800Q93c Detection, capturing 
ITGB1Q75c Detection  
cMetQ22c Detection, ligand competition, imaging Heukers et al. (2014)Heukers et al. (2018)
NCAM1Q55c Detection, imagingvan Ineveld et al., (2021) Dekkers et al. (2022)
PD-L2Q90c Detection  
P-SelectinQ117ELISA, FC, inhibition
SARS-CoV-2Q103cQ104cDetection, neutralization
TfRQ52c Detection, imagingEmmerson et al. (2013) 
uPARQ88c Detection, imaging   
VimentinQ60c Detection, imaging Van Beijnum et al. (2020) 
VLA3Q49c Detection, imaging Groot et al. (2009)