About us

QVQ Mission

The QVQ team strives to use its extensive experience to make single domain antibody technology available to the largest possible user base. As such, QVQ offers a broad range of budget- and eco-friendly single domain antibody lead development services and reagents.

Close collaborations with top academic research groups and industrial partners ensure high quality services and validation of our top-quality reagents.


Edward Dolk

Chief Executive Officer

“Dedicated to use my knowledge to generate VHH to your needs to make the world a tiny step more beautiful.”

Edward Dolk


Raimond Heukers

Chief Scientific Officer

“Proud to contribute our expertise, infrastructure and curiosity as a temporary extenstion of your lead development team”

Raimond Heukers



Products of QVQ are being sold directly from QVQ via this website.

In addition, we partner with dedicated distributors worldwide:

  • Funakoshi in Japan (link)
  • Lubio Science in Switzerland (link)
  • Sapphire Bioscience in Australia and New Zealand (link)
  • More to come…


Join us at QVQ

For over a decade, we have worked as a great team to deliver the best lead candidates and research molecules possible.
We push our boundaries on a daily basis in order the technical need of our customers.

If you’re interested in joining the QVQ team as a student or
colleague, please contact us via career@qvquality.com