VHH-Fc fusion constructs show enhanced potency in blocking HIV

Congrats to our Target2Cure collaborators, among which PhD student @Angela Schriek and under the supervision of @Marit van Gils and @Steven de Taeye (AUMC) for having published a nice study in Frontiers in Immunology. 

Schriek et al. describe the development of QVQ’s anti-HIV-1 single domain antibody products Q1 (J3), Q8 (2E7) and (Q9) 1F10 into various multivalent and Fc-fused constructs.

This showed increased binding to the HIV-1 envelope and enhanced neutralization potency. In addition, fusion of an IgG1 domain to J3 improved neutralization potency compared to the J3-bihead and restored Fc-mediated effector functions.

Due to their neutralization breadth, potency and ability to induce effector functions, these nanobody-IgG1 constructs may prove to be valuable towards alternative HIV-1 therapies.