VHH-Fc fusion constructs show enhanced potency in blocking HIV

Congrats to our Target2Cure collaborators, among which PhD student Angela Schriek and under the supervision of Marit van Gils and Steven de Taeye (AUMC) for having published a nice study in Frontiers in Immunology. 

Schriek et al. describe the development of QVQ’s anti-HIV-1 single domain antibody products Q1 (J3), Q8 (2E7) and (Q9) 1F10 into various multivalent and Fc-fused constructs.

This showed increased binding to the HIV-1 envelope and enhanced neutralization potency. In addition, fusion of an IgG1 domain to J3 improved neutralization potency compared to the J3-bihead and restored Fc-mediated effector functions.

Due to their neutralization breadth, potency and ability to induce effector functions, these nanobody-IgG1 constructs may prove to be valuable towards alternative HIV-1 therapies.